MITA Report to Identify Initiatives Worldwide in Addressing Issues on Shortage of ICT

    Education Impact won an open bid to work with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to produce a report identifying initiatives worldwide that had been successful in addressing the issues around the shortage of ICT skills within the nation.

    The project was delivered by Richard Moore and Seb Schmoller, an Education Impact Fellow and an Associate respectively who worked closely with the MITA team. The project was delivered in less than three months and produced a set of recommendations that were tested during workshops with senior stakeholders and has now been converted into a programme of work that is shaping policy.

    The report was well received, and identified some key principles:

    • The issue needs to be addressed systemically - training alone will not suffice;
    • A balance of incentive schemes as well as whole community action is required to retain skills within any community;
    • Collaboration between all the actors within the supply side in primary, secondary and tertiary education needs to be co-ordinated with business users.

    View the Letter of Reference (PDF)

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