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Education Impact fellows provide a variety of services to meet the needs of clients in the private, public and corporate sectors including ministries of education, international donors, development banks and international corporations.

Facing Challenges, Addressing Development Needs

Our services are centred around the critical challenges that education leaders face in their efforts to develop education systems that will support the achievement of  educational goals, while also addressing leadership, organisational and professional development needs. All the services we offer are rooted in our expertise at using technology as an embedded part of the process of achieving educational outcomes.

Services for Government Agencies

We specialise in providing support to education authorities in the development, implementation and review of education policies and strategies. As part of this overarching support we offer government agencies a variety of services including designing workshops and professional development programmes and organising study tours. Education Impact fellows have worked with government ministries on five different continents, including most recently the Ministry of Education in Tanzania, where they are providing technical and material support to enhance the teaching-learning process as part of a larger USAID funded project.

Services for Corporations

Education Impact's work with corporations is equally wide-ranging and extends from reviewing product ranges and global strategies to internal capacity building, training and applications for tender. Our network of education experts at the cutting edge of both policy and practice are able to provide market research, analysis and intelligence on education and the use of technology. As a result our corporate clients have included key technology leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and Cisco.

Services for Agencies and Donor Organisations

For agencies and donor organisations our fellows provide a high level of collaborative expertise that enables them to input into a variety of processes. These include monitoring and evaluation and scoping missions for new projects.

We offer bespoke consultancy and packaged services. Examples of our most popular existing packaged services including the workshops we provide as part of overarching support programmes can be found using the links below.

  • Scoping Missions
  • Envisioning Workshop
  • ICT for Teachers Workshop
  • One to One Computing Workshop
  • Data for Decision Making Workshop

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