Data for Decision Making Workshop

    Education Impact offers a core two to three day workshop focusing on the development of Education Management Information Systems

    An Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) is a system for the collection, integration, and dissemination of information from multiple sources to support decision making, policy-analysis and formulation, planning, monitoring and management of an 'education system'.

    Efforts to build regional or national EMIS are ongoing worldwide. Without good data and information the decisions made by education policy leaders can never be as effective and efficient as they need to be to meet the needs and requirements of their learners and education institutions.

    Education Impact offers a core 2 or 3 day workshop that focuses on all aspects of the development of EMIS systems that link schools, district and regional offices and ministries and provide educators at all levels with the data and information they require to do their work effectively.

    Our workshops focus on:

    • Understanding and effectively managing the technical, human resource and organisational complexities of EMIS
    • Development, implementation and maintenance of EMIS
    • Development of technical and organisational strategies for integrating data from multiple sources
    • Appropriate use of technology to improve the quality (relevance, reliability and timeliness) of the data that is available

    In addition to the workshops, Education Impact Fellows are highly qualified to provide additional services to support Ministries of Education and Higher Education to develop effective EMIS.

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