Envisioning Workshop

    The Envisioning Workshops produced by Education Impact offer ways for educators to develop, refine, and share an educational vision that supports new initiatives, policies or reforms regardless of existing infrastructure and resources.



    As the video above highlights, our approach is focused on ensuring that strategic plans and new initiatives are deployed in a thoughtful and comprehensive way. This helps achieve a smooth transition in implementing changes despite the complexities of context, location, and existing systems.

    Through facilitating a detailed discussion among stakeholders and developing an educational vision and strategy alongside an action plan for achieving it, Education Impact ensures that all stakeholders are included in the transformation process. This increases its chance of success.

    Benefits of the Envisioning Workshop process include:

    • Consensus building facilitated by independent educational advisors
    • Stakeholder commitment to a common vision and strategy
    • Improved risk management
    • Increased confidence with the transformation agenda
    • Alignment of the vision and strategy consistent with international trends, research, and local context
    • Development of an IT roadmap to support implementation and educational transformation


    At the conclusion of the Envisioning Workshop, your organisation will have an updated educational vision. The vision, developed in collaboration with local expertise and worldwide best practices, will include a supporting strategic plan, identification of change motivators, and detailed roles and responsibilities for stakeholders.

    Read more about the workshop (PDF)

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